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Trade with Pluto launched in 2019 as a private asset management software. Since then, we have transitioned into a decentralized platform and made it available to the general public. Our foundation began with algorithmic stock trading tools, and has now become the first web3 asset management platform, completely decentralized.


Q3 2023
Pluto Crypto Debit Card Rollout
Q2 2023
Trade with Pluto Community Event
Q4 2022
Mobile App Release
Q4 2022
Phase || NFT release
Q4 2022
Pluto 3.0 officially launches
April 2022
Priority Boarding NFT release
April 2022
Began rollout of Pluto 3.0
March 2022
Opened Pluto tools for public clients
January 2022
Announced NFT implementation
October 2021
Restructured internal development model
July 2021
Implemented crypto data
March 2021
Created market data subscription
January 2021
Began excepting private clients
December 2020
Pluto 2.0 release
October 2020
Employee onboarding
June 2020
Developed private trading algorithm
April 2020
Raised capital for development
November 2019
V1.0 officially launched for stock data
August 2019

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Web3 innovations are beginning to reshape the way the internet works. If you have a drive to be at the forefront of this new era, then come check us out.