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$TBA/Month OR
Pluto Boarding Pass NFT
$TBA/Month OR
Pluto Investors NFT
Pluto Pro NFT
Data Latency
Trading Communities
AI Investing Alerts
Access Education Portal
Live Newsfeed
AI Portfolio Analytics
Crypto Token Swap
Track Crypto Wallets
Live Blockchain Tracking
Trading Functionality
Affiliate Program Access
Automated Trading Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pluto 3.0?
Pluto 3.0 is our latest update to our stock and crypto investment platform, which is now adapting web3 tools. In honor of web3 making big changes to the internet as we know it, Pluto 3.0 is designed to bring more security and full transparency to the future of investing. Our tools are designed to provide our clients with the most information possible when it comes to their investments. We are pioneers for web3 asset management and are making the best investment tool on the market.
Will you still have different membership tiers for the platform?
We currently have three separate membership tiers, ranging from beginners to experts. With our latest release, we are offering these membership tiers as NFTs, so you pay one time for access. This will result in three separate NFT releases, all of which having different utility and functionality within the platform for the three tiers.
Is there any way to access the platform without owning an NFT?
Clients will have the ability to access the platform without owning an NFT, but with very limited functionality. Without holding an NFT, users will be limited to connecting their third party portfolios and seeing their assets in one location. They will have the ability to subscribe to their favorite investors and track their alerts, but all trading and investment tools will be restricted.
Are current clients effected by this new release?
All of our active clients will have their accounts upgraded to Pluto 3.0 over the upcoming weeks. Everyone currently using Pluto 2.0 will be whitelisted for our Pluto NFT release. Anyone who is currently subscribed to our "Beginner" subscription will not have any effects on their accounts.
When will I gain access to my dashboard?
If you are an active client on Pluto 2.0, you can still access limited dashboard features on our original website here. Any clients joining after April 2022 will gain access to their dashboard in Fall 2022. We have been working on this release for over a year now, and are now working on some final touches in order to ensure platform stability and security.