Building trust with every trade

Create custom trading groups

Share your investments with friends or grow an audience and sell your alerts as subscriptions
Our integrated chat allows users to connect and share investment ideas and strategies
Get paid to connect with your followers through Pluto's integrated trading system
Gain community trust with optional public transactions

Blockchain-like trade verification

Web3 is built to be public, with the ability to verify transactions and ownership, now including stock market orders. Only on Trade with Pluto
100% Transparency
Users have the ability to share their transaction history to gain and maintain credibility and trust
User Protection
By sharing your transactions, Pluto clients will no longer be victims to pump-and-dumps

How it works

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Securely link your portfolios

Pluto is designed to be your all-in-one web3 trading platform, allowing you to manage all your assets from one dashboard
Make money doing what you do best

Sell your investment tips and strategies to your followers

Pluto is designed to take the fear out of investing and losing money from fake alerts and pump-and-dumps since all transactions can be made public and proven

Integrate your favorite portfolio

Pluto allows you to choose from the top exchanges and wallets, giving you an easy trading experience